This book was prepared by a team led by Harry Broadman. The authors of the chapters are as follows: Overview-Harry Broadman and Gallina Vincelette; chapter 1-Gallina Vincelette and Harry Broadman (with extensive contributions from Maria Vagliasindi); chapter 2-Gallina Vincelette, Maria Vagliasindi, and Harry Broadman; chapter 3-Harry Broadman (with the statistical assistance of Gallina Vincelette); chapter 4-Maria Vagliasindi; chapter 5-James Anderson and Constantijn Claessens; and chapter 6-Stefka Slavova and Randi Ryterman. Harry Broadman integrated and edited the chapters. Sandra Craig assisted the team.

The study is a collaborative effort between the World Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). From the outset, the team benefited from discussions with, exchanges of ideas with, and comments on the manuscript from colleagues from both institutions. We appreciate the assistance of these individuals at the World Bank: Jean-Luc Bernasconi, David Bernstein, Marcelo Bisogno, Oscar de Bruyn Kops, Henk Busz, Bruce Courtney, Mansour Farsad, Bernard Funck, Kathryn Funk, Cheryl Gray, Simon Gray, Daniela Gressani, Mohinder Gulati, Ardo Hansson, John Hegarty, Joel Hellman, Ronald Hood, Joseph Ingram, Erika Jorgensen, Daniel Kaufmann, David Kennedy, Pascale Kervyn, Ioannis Kessides, Iftikhar Khalil, Ali Mansoor, Massimo Mastruzzi, Katarina Mathernova, Pradeep Mitra, Alia Moubayed, Helga Muller, Kari Nyman, Gael Raballand, Anand Seth, Khaled Sherif, Martin Slough, Rory O'Sullivan, Kyle Peters, Rosalinda Quintanilla, Andrew Vorkink, Marina Wes, and Lubomira Zimanova Beardsley. We would like to express our gratitude to these individuals at the EBRD: Willem Buiter, Hsianmin Chen, Elisabetta Falcetti, Steven Fries, Michel Nussbaumer, Peter Sanfey, Anita Taci, Kamen Zahariev, and Alexei Zverev.

In addition to data from the EBRD-World Bank Business Environment and Enterprise Performance Surveys (BEEPS) of 1999 and 2002, which covered approximately 1,600 firms in South Eastern Europe, primary data for this study were gathered from 40 original firm-level business case studies developed during several missions in the spring, summer, and fall of 2002 in the eight South Eastern European countries (SEE8). The business case studies were conducted in the field as follows:

* Albania in September 2002 by Anita Taci (EBRD) and Gallina Vincelette (World Bank)

* Bosnia and Herzegovina in July...

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