This African Climate Summit is, in many ways, a financing summit.

I am Stephen Jackson, the United Nations Resident Coordinator here in Kenya. From September 4th to 6th, coming right up we have the Africa Climate Summit co-organized by the African Union and the Government of Kenya here in Nairobi. Why is it happening in Nairobi? Why is it so crucial that we have an Africa Climate Summit?

There is a paradox: Kenya is on the frontlines of the climate crisis. Kenya is at the forefront in proposing solutions. The same is true of Africa. Africa is on the frontlines of the climate crisis, but Africa is also on the front foot in providing solutions.

Africa Contributes the least globally to carbon dioxide and Greenhouse gas emissions. Yet, we know through drought, through heating, through drying up of water courses, Africa is suffering the most from climate Change.

And yet, Africa is the Place where we are going to find the solutions. Africa has the second lung of the planet in the Congo rain Forest; Africa has the biggest natural endowment of renewable energy resources. Kenya, where I work, is already at a massive 93 per cent of electricity being produced from green sources.

Africa has the largest endowment of arable agricultural land that can feed the world. So, for all these reasons, Africa is the place of solutions to the climate crisis, and Kenya is one of the leading voices in reshaping the narrative.

Agendas such as loss and damage remain crucial. Financing climate adaptation at scale for impact remains crucial. But going beyond that, the journey now is for Africa to provide solutions for itself, to scale for itself and for the world, to the climate crisis and for the world, to bring the necessary financing at scale.

So that's where the private sector comes in. We need financing on reasonable terms to bring Africa's climate solutions to scale to solve the world's problems.

Right now, there is no capital, and when there is capital, it costs way too much. So, President Ruto's vision for this climate summit, the African Union's vision for this climate summit, is to go beyond the loss and damage agenda and the climate adaptation agenda- both of which remain very important- and to look at how we crowd in financing at scale to bring Africa's viable solutions to the global marketplace.

There is so much to learn that the world can and must learn from the kind of innovation Africa and Africans already...

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