The Lurking Peril that Still Await A Constitutional Answer

Author:Pranoto Iskandar
Position:The Institute for Migrant Rights
e Indonesian Journal of International & Comparative Law
ISSN: 2338-7602; E-ISSN: 2338-770X
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thE lurking PEril that still awaits
a Constitutional answEr
Pranoto Iskandar
e Institute for Migrant Rights
President Jokowis appointment of his most antagonistic political op-
ponents to key roles in his administration is a testament not only to
his statesmanship, but to a shrewd strategy to propel Indonesia’s econ-
omy toward prosperity. By eliminating pointless partisan squabbling,
and for the rst time in Indonesias on-and-o democratic history, our
government will be able to realize development programs in a timely
manner. is impressive coalition of rivals, however, may not have the
answer to our greatest government challenge: how to entrench ecient
and eective governance into Indonesia’s evolving political infrastruc-
What has continued to derail Indonesia’s economic development
agenda is the confusion surrounding the functions of the political
institutions described in our Constitution. By clearly delineating their
roles and responsibilities, the Constitution could guide these handful
of state institutions in eective goal setting, smooth implementation
of these goals, and ultimately our sustainable economic development.
Should there be a conict among these institutions, the Constitution
would provide much need clarication and avoid a potential
constitutional crisis. Fortunately, the upcoming round of constitutional
amendments may prove to be a vehicle for providing just this clarifying
Dampening this optimism, however, are the current debates and
discussions of adding clarity to our vague but much-loved Constitution.
e current discussions seem to be out of touch with this more practical
need to clarify the roles and responsibilities of our political institutions.
For example, one suggested amendment is to directly incorporating the

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