Sovereignty of Comoros over island of Mayotte reaffirmed.


Sovereignty of Comoros over island of Mayotte reaffirmed

Reaffirming the sovereignty of the Comoros over the island of Mayotte, located in the Indian Ocean, the General Assembly on 11 November again urged France to accelerate the process of negotiations to ensure the "effective and prompt return" of that island to the Comoros. By resolution 42/17, adopted by a vote of 128 in favour to 1 against (France), with 22 abstentions, the Assembly invited France to honour the commitments entered into prior to the 22 December 1974 referendum on the self-determination of the Comoro Archipelago concerning "respect for the unity and territorial integrity" of the Comoros. It also called for "the translation into practice" of the wish expressed by the President of France to seek actively a just solution to the question of Mayotte.

The Secretary-General was asked to maintain continuous contact with the Secretary-General of the Organization of African Unity (OAU) with regard to that problem and to make available his good offices in the search for a peaceful negotiated solution to the problem.

France has informed the...

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