Reform or rupture' says Guterres, calling for multilateralism to be remade for the 21st century.

Mr. Guterres highlighted UN's successful effort in preventing an environmental catastrophe in the Red Sea as testament to its determination and effectiveness.

'When no one else could or would, UN determination got the job done,' he said

He emphasized that despite the numerous global challenges, the same spirit of determination can guide the world forward, urging leaders to remain committed to unity, peace, human rights, and sustainable development for all.

'Let us be determined to ... come together for the common good.'

It's reform or rupture

Presenting his annual report on the work of the Organization, the Secretary-General stressed the need for a modernizing the multilateral system to address contemporary issues.

He pointed out that while the world has evolved, international institutions have not kept pace, potentially making them part of the problem rather than the solution.

He made it clear that there is no alternative to reform, stating 'it's reform or rupture.'

Pledge for peace

He reminded world leaders of the opening words of the UN Charter, emphasizing the pledge to 'end the scourge of war'.

'When countries break those pledges, they create a world of insecurity for everyone,' he said, stressing that Russia's invasion of Ukraine has serious implications for everyone worldwide.

'We must not relent in working for peace - a just peace in line with the UN Charter and international law. And even while fighting rages, we must pursue every avenue to ease the suffering of civilians in Ukraine and beyond,' he added.

Suffering rising, support falling

The UN chief also drew attention to the human suffering resulting from conflicts and natural disasters worldwide, from Sudan to Haiti, and from Afghanistan to Myanmar.

'Needs are rising and funding is drying up. Our humanitarian operations are being forced to make massive cuts,' he said, urging countries to...

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