In accordance with the decision taken by the Governing Body of the ILO at its 254th
Session (November 1992), a Meeting of Experts was convened in Geneva from 28
September to 5 October 1993 to revise the ILO Code of Practice on Accident Prevention
on Board Ship at Sea and in Port. The Meeting was composed of 15 experts, five
appointed following consultations with governments, five following consultations with the
Employers' group and five following consultations with the Workers' group of the
Governing Body.1 After examining and finalizing the text, based on a draft prepared by
the Office, the experts adopted this code.
1 Experts appointed following consultations with governments:
Mr. L. D. Barchue, Sr. (Liberia), Deputy Permanent Representative to the IMO, Permanent Mission of the
Republic of Liberia to the International Maritime Organization (IMO).
Mr. A. Flatrud (Norway), Director of Department, Norwegian Maritime Directorate.
Captain H. Matsuda (Japan), Director, Employment Security Office, Administration Division, Seafarers'
Department, Maritime Technology and Safety Bureau, Ministry of Transport.
Mr. W. Rabe (United States), Deputy Chief, Marine Investigation Division, Commandant (G-MMI),
United States Coast Guard.
Adviser: Mr. C. Young, Marine Transportation Specialist, Commandant (G-MVP-4), United States
Coast Guard.
Ms. E. A. Snow (United Kingdom), Higher Executive Officer, Occupational Health and Safety
(Seafarers), Marine Directorate, Surveyor-General's Organization, Department of Transport.
Experts appointed following consultations with the Employers' group of the Governing Body:
Captain K. Akatsuka (J apan), General Manager, Japanese Shipowner s' Association.
Captain K. R. Damkjaer (Denmark), Head of Division, Danish Shipowners' Association.
Mr. G. Koltsidopoulos (Greece), Legal Adviser, Union of Greek Shipowners.
Captain M. R. Lowle (United Kingdom), Manager, Health, Safety and Environment, Shell Tankers (UK)
Captain C. J. Park (Republic of Korea), Gener al Manager, Marine Dept., Korea Shipowners' Association.
Experts appointed following consultations with the Workers' group of the Governing Body:
Mr. L. Dolleris (Denmark), President, Maskinmestrenes Forming [Union of Chief Engineers].
Mr. N. McVicar (United Kingdom), National Organizer RMT, National Union of Rail, Maritime and
Transport Workers.
Mr. H. Rodriguez Navarrete (Chile), Secretary-General, Chilean Seafarers' Federation (FETRICH).
Mr. A. Papaconstuntinos (Australia), Joint National Secretary, Maritime Union of Australia.
Mr. T. Tay (Singapore), General Secretary, Singapore Maritime Officers' Union.
Observers from member States:
Mr. E. H. Salman (Bahrain), Harbour Operation Officer, Directorate General of Ports, Harbour Section.
Mr. S. R. Sanad (Bahrain), Official, Ministry of Finance.
Mr. E. Hosannah (Brazil), First Secretary, Permanent Mission of Brazil in Geneva.
Mr. G. Boubopoulos (Greece), Lieutenant HCG, Seaman's Labour Division – Hellenic Coast Guard,
Ministry of Mercantile Marine.
Mr. F. Wakaki (Japan), Counsellor, Permanent Mi ssion of Japan in Geneva.
Ms. L. Vallarino (Panama), Ambassador, Permanent Mission of Panama in Geneva.
Intergovernmental organizations represented:
Commission of the European Communities (CEC): Mr. L. Dutailly.

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