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Date01 December 2019
Published date01 December 2019
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ISSN 1369-412X
published by
The Journal of the Nippon Finance Association and the Asian Finance Association
Volume 19 Number 4 DECEMBER 2019 International Review of Finance
Volume 19 Number 4 DECEMBER 2019
Managing Editors:
Sudipto Dasgupta
Nandini Gupta
(Letters Section)
H. Cao
A. Hameed
S. Ongena
X. Yu
Associate Editors:
A. Agrawal
Kee-Hong Bae
F. Braggion
L. Cen
I. Chakraborty
X. Chang
T. Chemmanur
N. Chen
Z. Da
H. Degryse
M. Delis
P. Della Corte
C. Doidge
A. A Durnev
D. Foster
H. Gulen
N. Gupta
C. Hadlock
B. Han
M. Hertzel
V. Ioannidou
X. Jin
N. Ju
X. (Erica) Li
X. Liu
D. Lou
D. Martinez
D. McLean
M. Pritsker
A. Purnanandam
R. Sen
C. Sialm
T. Smith
J. Sulaeman
D. Tang
S. E Thomas
X. Tian
A. Watanabe
M. Watanabe
J. Wei
C. Wihlborg
H. Xing
J. Yang
V. Yerramilli
Liping Zou, Kien Dinh Cao and Yishun Wang
Media Coverage and the Cross-Section of Stock Returns: The Chinese Evidence
Koresh Galil and Neta Gilat
Predicting Default More Accurately: To Proxy or Not to Proxy for Default?
Vidhan K. Goyal and Angie Low
Investor Myopia and CEO Turnover
Tomas Reyes and Nicolas Waissbluth
Saddled with Attention: Overreaction to Bankruptcy Filings
Manu Gupta, Puneet Prakash and Nanda K. Rangan
Cross-Country Variability in Cost of Raising Equity: Evidence from Seasoned Equity O erings
Shorter Articles
Rangan Gupta, Chi Keung Marco Lau, Stephen M. Miller and Mark E. Wohar
US Fiscal Policy and Asset Prices: The Role of Partisan Confl ict
Xianhang Qian
Judicial Independence and Cash Flow: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in China
Kiyoung Chang, Junyoup Lee and Hyeongsop Shim
CEO Duality and Firm Performance: Does Economic Policy Uncertainty Mediate the Relation?
Benoît Carmichael and Alain Coën
Securitized and Direct Real Estate Factors in the Pricing of US Bank Stocks
Robert Jarrow and Philip Protter
Fair Microfi nance Loan Rates
Sandro Claudio Lera and Didier Sornette
An Explicit Mapping of Currency Target Zone Models to Option Prices
Jinbo Huang, Ashley Ding and Yong Li
Nonparametric Kernel Method to Hedge Downside Risk
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