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Date01 December 2020
Published date01 December 2020
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ISSN 1369-412X
published by
The Journal of the Nippon Finance Association and the Asian Finance Association
Volume 20 Number 4 DECEMBER 2020 International Review of Finance
Volume 20 Number 4 DECEMBER 2020
Managing Editors:
Dragon Yongjun Tang
Nandini Gupta
(Letters Section)
A. Hameed
N. Ju
S. Ongena
X. Yu
Associate Editors:
A. Agrawal
K.-H. Bae
F. Braggion
L. Cen
I. Chakraborty
X. Chang
T. Chemmanur
N. Chen
Z. Da
H. Degryse
M. Delis
P. Della Corte
C. Doidge
A. A Durnev
X. Fei
D. Foster
H. Gulen
C. Hadlock
B. Han
M. Hertzel
V. Ioannidou
X. Jin
N. Ju
X. (Erica) Li
X. Liu
D. Lou
D. Martinez
D. McLean
M. Pritsker
A. Purnanandam
R. Sen
C. Sialm
T. Smith
J. Sulaeman
S. E. Thomas
X. Tian
A. Watanabe
M. Watanabe
J. Wei
C. Wihlborg
H. Xing
J. Yang
V. Yerramilli
S. Zhaogang
Junhui Xu, Jitka Hilliard and James R. Barth
On Education Level and Terms in Obtaining P2P Funding: New Evidence from China
Subrata K. Mitra and Abhishek Rohit
Momentum Trading with the ℓ1-Filter: Are the Markets E cient?
Claire Y.C. Liang, Zhenyang Tang and Xiaowei Xu
Return Synchronicity and Insider Trading Profi tability
Byoung-Kyu Min, Jangkoo Kang, Changjun Lee and Tai-Yong Roh
The q-Factors and Macroeconomic Conditions: Asymmetric E ects of the Business Cycles on Long and Short Sides
Samuel Xin Liang and K.C. John Wei
Market Volatility Risk and Stock Returns around the World: Implication for Multinational Corporations
Shorter Articles
Muhammad A. Cheema, Gilbert V. Nartea and Yimei Man
Maxing Out in China: Optimism or Attention?
Zongrun Wang, Jiangyan Chen and Xiaofei Zhao
Risk Information Disclosure and Bank Soundness: Does Regulation Matter? Evidence from China
Marie-Hélène Gagnon and Aurélien Philippot
Are Incentive Contract Settlements Nonevents?
Xuan Vinh Vo
Foreign Investors and Stock Price Crash Risk: Evidence from Vietnam
Mardy Chiah, Philip Gharghori and Angel Zhong
Comovement in Anomalies between the Australian and US Equity Markets
Thorsten Hens and Klaus R. Schenk-Hoppé
Patience Is a Virtue: In Value Investing
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