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Date01 September 2018
Published date01 September 2018
Review of
ISSN 1369-412X
published by
The Journal of the Nippon Finance Association and the Asian Finance Association
Volume 18 Number 3 September 2018 International Review of Finance
Volume 18 Number 3 September 2018
Managing Editors:
Sudipto Dasgupta
Ramazan Gençay
(Letters Section)
H. Cao
A. Hameed
S. Ongena
X. Yu
Associate Editors:
A. Agrawal
Kee-Hong Bae
F. Braggion
L. Cen
I. Chakraborty
X. Chang
T. Chemmanur
N. Chen
Z. Da
H. Degryse
M. Delis
P. Della Corte
C. Doidge
A. A Durnev
D. Foster
H. Gulen
N. Gupta
C. Hadlock
B. Han
M. Hertzel
V. Ioannidou
X. Jin
N. Ju
X. (Erica) Li
X. Liu
D. Lou
D. Martinez
D. McLean
M. Pritsker
A. Purnanandam
R. Sen
C. Sialm
T. Smith
J. Sulaeman
D. Tang
S. E Thomas
X. Tian
A. Watanabe
M. Watanabe
J. Wei
C. Wihlborg
H. Xing
J. Yang
V. Yerramilli
Yan Yu, Jing Chen, Ya Tang and Jianguo Xu
Analysts’ Strategic Distortion during IPO Waves
Jianjun Du, Jinqiang Yang and Zhentao Zou
Investment and Exit under Uncertainty with Utility from Anticipation
Andrew B. Ainsworth, Kingsley Y.L. Fong, David R. Gallagher and Graham Partington
Taxes, Order Imbalance and Abnormal Returns around the ex-Dividend day
Kin-Yip Ho, Wai-Man Liu and Jing Yu
Public News Arrival and Cross-Asset Correlation Breakdown
Shorter Articles
Richard Borghesi and Kiyoung Chang
Political A liation and Pay Slice: Do Blue CEOs Accept Less Green?
Kentaro Iwatsubo and Tomoki Taishi
Quantitative Easing and Liquidity in the Japanese Government Bond Market
Pandej Chintrakarn, Pornsit Jiraporn and Young S. Kim
Did Firms Manage Earnings more Aggressively during the Financial Crisis?
Mehmet Balcilar, Rangan Gupta, Ricardo M. Sousa and Mark E. Wohar
Wealth-to-Income Ratio and Stock Market Movements: Evidence from a Nonparametric Causality Test
Pornsit Jiraporn and Sang Mook Lee
How do Independent Directors Infl uence Corporate Risk-Taking? Evidence from a Quasi-Natural Experiment
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