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Published date01 June 2016
Date01 June 2016
International Review of Finance
Vol. 16 No. 2 June 2016
Xingchun Wang
The Pricing of Catastrophe Equity Put Options with
Default Risk 181
Jian Luo, Xiaox ia Ye and May Hu
Counter-Credit-Risk Yield Spreads: A Puzzle in China's
Corporate Bond Market 203
Mufaddal Ba xamusa, Sa ima Javaid and K hadija Harery
Why do Firms Purchase Used Assets? 243
Shorter Articles
Pattanaporn Chatjuthamard, Pornsit Jiraporn,
Shenghui Tong and Manohar Singh
Managerial Talent and Corporate Social Responsibility
(CSR): How Do Talented Managers View Corporate
Social Responsibility? 265
Soo-Hyun Kim and Kyuseok Lee
The Influences of Major Currencies in Foreign Exchange
Markets: A Regression-Based Measure and Its Application 277
Gino Loyola and Yolanda Portilla
A Bargaining Model of Friendly and Hostile Takeovers 291
Ahmet Göncü and Erdl
˙nç Akyıldırım
Statistical Arbitrage with Pairs Trading 307

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