International Deep Seabed Mining and China's Legislative Commitment to Marine Environmental Protection

AuthorHao Shen
China’s Deep Seabed Legislation 489
X JEAIL 2 (2017)
Hao Shen
Part XI of the UNCLOS lays out the legal framework for deep seabed mining activities
in the Area. Several countries have already passed domestic deep seabed mining laws
     
the ISA, established under the Convention. China passed its own deep seabed mining
law in 2016. Chinas deep seabed mining law aims at securing effective regulation of its
sponsored contractors deep seabed activities and ensuring the contractors compliance
with the rules and regulations issued by the ISA. Chinas law pays tremendous
attention to marine environmental protection during contractors deep seabed
  
then illustrates Chinas legislative actions, examines the key environmental provisions
of Chinas deep seabed law and analyzes the balancing of interests of multiple parties
behind Chinas emphasis on marine environmental protection during the exploration
and exploitation of deep seabed minerals.
UNCLOS, Deep Seabed, China
s Deep Seabed Mining Law, Environmental
Protection, State Sponsorship
International Deep
Seabed Mining and China
Legislative Commitment to
Marine Environmental
Assistant Professor of Law at East China Normal University. LL.B. (ECUPL), LL.M./Ph.D. (Fudan). ORCID: http:// The author may be contacted at: / Address: 105-6, Building 1,
1298 Changde Rd. Shanghai, P.R. China 200060.

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