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Working Paper No. 17/133
Bottom-Up Default Analysis of Corporate Solvency Risk:
An Application to Latin America
Jorge A. Chan-Lau, Cheng Hoon Lim, Jose Daniel
Rodríguez-Delgado, Bennett W. Sutton, Melesse Tashu
Working Paper No. 17/134
Financial Frictions, Underinvestment, and Investment
Composition: Evidence from Indian Corporates
Sonali Das, Volodymyr Tulin
Working Paper No. 17/135
Capital Controls and the Cost of Debt
Eugenia Andreasen, Martin Schindler, Patricio A. Valenzuela
Working Paper No. 17/136
ABBA: An Agent-Based Model of the Banking System
Jorge A. Chan-Lau
Working Paper No. 17/137
Heterogeneity of Bank Risk Weights in the EU:
Evidence by Asset Class and Country of
Counterparty Exposure
Rima Turk-Ariss
Working Paper No. 17/138
Public Investment Scaling-up and Debt Sustainability:
e Case of Energy Sector Investments in the Caribbean
Ahmed El-Ashram
Working Paper No. 17/139
e Right Kind of Help?: Tax Incentives for Staying Small
Dora Benedek, Pragyan Deb, Borja Gracia, Sergejs Saksonovs,
Anna Shabunina, Nina Budina
Working Paper No. 17/140
Cross-Country Spillovers of Fiscal Consolidations
in the Euro Area
Tigran Poghosyan
Working Paper No. 17/141
Who Dares, Wins: Labor Market Reforms
and Sovereign Yields
Christian H. Ebeke
Working Paper No. 17/142
Tipping the Scale?: e Workings of Monetary
Policy through Trade
Gustavo Adler, Carolina Osorio Buitron
Working Paper No. 17/143
Financial Development and Source of Growth: New Evidence
Sami Ben Naceur, Robert Blotevogel, Mark Fischer, Haiyan Shi
Working Paper No. 17/144
Migration and Remittances in Latin America
and the Caribbean: Engines of Growth and
Macroeconomic Stabilizers?
Kimberly Beaton, Svetlana Cerovic, Misael Galdamez, Metodij
Hadzi-Vaskov, Franz Loyola, Zsoka Koczan, Bogdan Lissovolik,
Jan Kees Martijn, Yulia Ustyugova, Joyce Wong
Working Paper No. 17/145
Fiscal Reforms, Long-term Growth and Income Inequality
Santiago Acosta Ormaechea, Takuji Komatsuzaki, Carolina
Working Paper No. 17/146
Extensive Margin Adjustment of Multi-Product Firm
and Risk Diversication
Carlos Carvalho, Gee Hee Hong, Jing Zhou
Working Paper No. 17/147
Does the Stock Market Boost Firm Innovation?:
Evidence from Chinese Firms
Hui He, Hanya Li, Jinfan Zhang
Working Paper No. 17/148
Trade Integration in Latin America: A Network Perspective
Kimberly Beaton, Aliona Cebotari, Xiaodan Ding,
Andras Komaromi
Working Paper No. 17/149
Towards Macroprudential Stress Testing:
Incorporating Macro-Feedback Eects
Ivo Krznar, Troy D. Matheson
Working Paper No. 17/150
Panama’s Growth Prospects: Determinants
and Sectoral Perspectives
Kimberly Beaton, Metodij Hadzi-Vaskov
Working Paper No. 17/151
e Macroeconomic Eects of Trade Taris:
Revisiting the Lerner Symmetry Result
Jesper Lindé, Andrea Pescatori

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