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Working Paper 13/179
Dismal Employment Growth in EU Countries: e Role of
Corporate Balance Sheet Repair and Dual Labor Markets
Bas B. Bakker; Li Zeng
Working Paper 13/180
Testing the Prebisch-Singer Hypothesis since 1650: Evidence
from Panel Techniques that Allow for Multiple Breaks
Rabah Arezki; Kaddour Hadri; Prakash Loungani; Yao Rao
Working Paper 13/181
e Driving Force Behind the Boom and Bust in Construction
in Europe
Yan Sun; Pritha Mitra; Alejandro Simone
Working Paper 13/182
Assessing the Impact and Phasing of Multi-Year Fiscal
Adjustment: A General Framework
Ran Bi; Haonan Qu; James Roaf
Working Paper 13/183
Capital Flows Are Fickle: Anytime, Anywhere
John C. Bluedorn; Rupa Duttagupta; Jaime Guajardo;
Petia Topalova
Working Paper 13/184
Cooperative and Islamic Banks: What Can ey Learn from
Each Other?
Saeed Al-Muharrami; Daniel C. Hardy
Working Paper 13/185
Two Sides of the Same Coin?
Rebalancing and Inclusive Growth in China
Il Houng Lee; Murtaza Syed; Xin Wang
Working Paper 13/186
Collateral and Monetary Policy
Manmohan Singh
Working Paper 13/187
Waste Not, Want Not: e Eciency of Health Expenditure in
Emerging and Developing Economies
Francesco Grigoli; Javier Kapsoli
Working Paper 13/188
Resource Dependence and Fiscal Eort in Sub-Saharan Africa
Alun H. omas; Juan P. Treviño
Working Paper 13/189
Do Inows or Outows Dominate? Global Implications of
Capital Account Liberalization in China
Tamim Bayoumi; Franziska Ohnsorge
Working Paper 13/190
Unconventional Monetary Policy and Asset Price Risk
Shaun K. Roache; Marina V. Rousset
Working Paper 13/191
Shock from Graying: Is the Demographic Shi Weakening
Monetary Policy Eectiveness
Patrick A. Imam
Working Paper 13/192
Ination and Output Comovement in the Euro Area:
Love at Second Sight?
Michal Andrle; Jan Bruha; Serhat Solmaz
Working Paper 13/193
Procyclical Behavior of Institutional Investors During the
Recent Financial Crisis: Causes, Impacts, and Challenges
Michael G. Papaioannou; Joonkyu Park; Jukka Pihlman;
Han van der Hoorn
Working Paper 13/194
Cross-Country Linkages in Europe: A Global VAR Analysis
Yan Sun; Frigyes F Heinz; Giang Ho
Working Paper 13/195
Distributional Consequences of Fiscal Consolidation and the
Role of Fiscal Policy: What Do the Data Say?
Jaejoon Woo; Elva Bova; Tidiane Kinda; Yuanyan Sophia Zhang
Working Paper 13/196
Is Labor Market Mismatch a Big Deal in Japan?
Ippei Shibata
Working Paper 13/197
e Monetary Transmission Mechanism in the Tropics:
A Narrative Approach
Andrew Berg; Luisa Charry; Rafael A Portillo; Jan Vlcek
Working Paper 13/198
e Euro Area Crisis: Need for a Supranational Fiscal Risk
Sharing Mechanism?
Davide Furceri; Aleksandra Zdzienicka
Working Paper 13/199
Addressing Interconnectedness: Concepts and Prudential Tools
Nicolas Arregui; Mohamed Norat; Antonio Pancorbo; Jodi G.
Scarlata; Eija Holttinen; Fabiana Melo; Jay Surti; Christopher
Wilson; Rodolfo Wehrhahn; Mamoru Yanase
Working Paper 13/200
Solving and Estimating Indeterminate DSGE Models
Roger Farmer; Vadim Khramov
Working Paper 13/201
Africa’s Got Work to Do: Employment Prospects in the
New Century
Louise Fox; Cleary Haines; Jorge Huerta Munoz;
Alun H. omas
Working Paper 13/202
e Path to Higher Growth: Does Revamping Japans Dual
Labor Market Matter?
Chie Aoyagi; Giovanni Ganelli

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