IMF Working Papers

March 2013
IMF Working Papers
Working Paper 12/272
e East African Community: Prospects for Sustained
McAulie, Catherine; Saxena, Sweta; Yabara, Masafumi
Working Paper12/273
Fiscal Rules at a Glance: Country Details from a New Dataset
Budina, Nina; Kinda, Tidiane; Schaechter, Andrea; Weber, Anke
Working Paper 12/274
Public Investment in Resource-Abundant Developing
Berg, Andrew; Portillo, Rafael; Yang, Shu-Chun; Zanna, Luis-
Working Paper 12/275
Eects of Capital Flow Liberalization—What is the Evidence
from Recent Experiences of Emerging Market Economies?
Saadi Sedik, Tahsin; Sun, Tao
Working Paper 12/276
e Challenges of Fiscal Consolidation and Debt Reduction
in the Caribbean
Yartey, Charles Amo; Narita, Machiko; Peron Nicholls, Garth;
Chiedu Okwuokei, Joel
Working Paper 12/277
Is China Over-Investing and Does It Matter?
Lee, Il Houng; Syed, Murtaza; Xueyan, Liu
Working Paper 12/278
Modeling the Impact of Taxes on Petroleum Exploration and
Smith, James
Working Paper 12/279
Nonnancial Firms in Latin America: A Source of
Gonzalez, Maria
Working Paper 12/280
Striking an Appropriate Balance Among Public Investment,
Growth, and Debt Sustainability in Cape Verde
Mu, Yibin
Working Paper 12/ 281
Taxation and Leverage in International Banking
Gu, Grace Weishi; Mooij, Ruud A.; Poghosyan, Tigran
Working Paper 12/282
Systemic Risk from Global Financial Derivatives:
A Network Analysis of Contagion and Its Mitigation with
Super-Spreader Tax
Markose, Sheri
Working Paper 12/283
A Tradeo Between the Output and Current Account Eects
of Pension Reform
Catalan, Mario; Magud, Nicolas
Working Paper 12/284
Tracking Global Demand for Advanced Economy
Sovereign Debt
Arslanalp, Serkan; Tsuda, Takahiro
Working Paper 12/285
Pension Reforms in Japan
Kashiwase, Kenichiro; Nozaki, Masahiro; Tokuoka, Kiichi
Working Paper 12/286
Fiscal Multipliers and the State of the Economy
Baum, Anja; Poplawski-Ribeiro, Marcos; Weber, Anke
Working Paper 12/287
Issues in Extractive Resource Taxation: A Review of Research
Methods and Models
Smith, James
Working Paper 12/288
e Need for “Un-consolidating” Consolidated Banks’ Stress
Cerutti, Eugenio; Schmieder, Christian
Working Paper 12/289
Coordinating Climate and Trade Policies: Pareto Eciency
and the Role of Border Tax Adjustments
Keen, Michael; Kotsogiannis, Christos
Working Paper 12/290
Inequalities and Growth in the Southern African Customs
Union (SACU) Region
Basdevant, Olivier; Benicio, Dalmacio; Yakhshilikov, Yorbol
Working Paper 12/291
What Role Can Financial Policies Play in Revitalizing SMEs
in Japan?
Lam, Raphael; Shin, Jongsoon
Working Paper 12/292
Spring Forward or Fall Back? e Post-Crisis Recovery of Firms
Medina, Leandro
Working Paper 12/293
Global Financial Crisis, Financial Contagion, and Emerging
Ozkan, F. Gulcin; Unsal, D. Filiz
Working Paper 12/294
Optimal Oil Production and the World Supply of Oil
Aleksandrov, Nikolay; Gyurko, lajos; Espinoza, Raphael
Working Paper 12/295
Income and Democracy: Lipset’s Law Revisited
Hoeer, Anke; Bates, Robert H.; Fayad, Ghada

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