Editor's Preface

Author:Pranoto Iskandar
e Indonesian Journal of International & Comparative Law
ISSN: 2338-7602; E-ISSN: 2338-770X
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Editors PrEfaCE
Entering its sixth year, our journal has undoubtedly accumulated a vari-
ety of unexpected developments. While it is true that a great proportion
of them are strong calls for the introduction of serious eorts geared
toward its improvement, many also attest to the progress that has been
made. And so in addition to the many lessons that we need to learn, we
have also learned our lessons well in the process. Moreover, should one
take into account the origin of this journal, it is fair to view its survival
into sixth year as a commendable feat. us, the take-home message
from this journal is that there is still some room for anyone (outside
of the establishment) to make serious contribution. Going further, it is
no exaggeration to say that voices from the non-developed world can
utilize our journal to stir the debate, and get better and more represen-
tation. In many respects, it is the ultimate objective of this journal to
generate a greater variety of scholarly opinions for a global audience.
e publication of the sixth volume of our journal can be interpreted as
our steadfast commitment to that goal.
Pranoto Iskandar

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