2021 Triennial International Convention to be held Virtually, November 3-6, 2021: Social Scientists: Leading the Way.

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Pi Gamma Mu is the oldest and preeminent interdisciplinary social science honor society. Its purpose is to award academic excellence and service. Started in 1924 by the Deans of Southwestern College and the College of William and Mary, its headquarters today are in Winfield, Kansas. Throughout its 97 years of existence, it has produced many well-known scholars, diplomats, political leaders, business leaders, and pioneering professionals.

Over the last several decades, members of the prestigious Pi Gamma Mu Honor Society have attended the Triennial Convention in various cities across the United States. Students in chapters of this organization have waited for this convention for the opportunity to present papers and posters, hear notable speakers, and meet other honor students from colleges and universities nationwide. This year will be no different but with the continuing issues with the COVID pandemic, and decreasing revenue available for student travel, this year's convention will be held virtually. Dr. Suzanne Rupp, executive director of the society is enthusiastic about the shift in offering the convention. "The board of trustees is excited to be offering the convention online this year so that more chapters can participate. Having a virtual convention is very affordable for the students and we expect that more Pi Gamma Mu members will be able to attend".

The virtual event will be offered from Wednesday, November 3rd through Saturday, November 6th. The keystone of the convention is student paper presentations in which selected students will present their research to convention attendees. Webinars and zoom sessions will highlight speakers in our Leadership Program and awards will honor students and chapters who have excelled in academics and service to their communities. We will also recognize historical and current Pi Gamma Mu members who have demonstrated excellence in their field. Dr. Clara Small, Professor Emerita Salisbury University, Pi Gamma Mu board member, and author of several African American history texts, presented at the 2017 convention. We are proud to bring such impressive speakers to our conventions for students and faculty. Pi Gamma Mu has an illustrious history of members who include such famous leaders as U.S. Admiral Richard E. Byrd and U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson.

Another feature of the Convention is the popular Leadership Development Program, a series started at the last convention in Kansas City, MO. Under the direction of professor and board member, Allison G. S. Knox, the 7-hour event will feature segmented sessions on Leadership in Literature, featuring what has been written about leadership as a social science, Leadership in Special Circumstances, focusing on the skills needed by leaders in emergency or dangerous situations, and Leadership in Academia, addressing management issues in education as well as how to write effectively as a leader. Information on how to successfully publish your work will be important for students who are in or are heading to, graduate school. Students will finish the Leadership Program with a presentation and virtual field trip to the National Museum of the Marine Corps. Leadership speakers include a program administrator, an emergency manager, a college dean, a journal editor, and experts from the Marine Museum on leadership in...

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