Jungle Cat Caught in Chuy Region


AKIPRESS.COM - A jungle cat (Felis chaus), which was considered responsible for attacks on several chickens in the Moscow district of Chuy region, was found trapped in a trap set by locals, Turmush reports.

The locals found the jungle cat, also called swamp cat, trapped near the house on May 8.The jungle cat is a large, long-legged cat it stands nearly 36 cm at shoulder and weighs 216 kg.

The locals said they saw the cat coming to prey on a chicken and easily jumping over the 2-meter fence grabbing a prey in its jaw."This animal reminds of something between a cat and lynx.

The jungle cat is as big as two domestic cats, it had thick tail, and fluffy lynx-like ears," the villagers said."It was quite aggressive to people.

5 years ago a similar cat was trapped here, but that cat was much bigger. They come to prey on chickens, hens, guinea fowl.

We have a swamp and reeds nearby, that's this cat's habitat," the locals said.The jungle cat is a habitat generalist it inhabits places with adequate water and dense vegetation, such as swamps, wetlands and riparian areas.

Despite its name, the jungle cat shuns rainforests and woodlands. The jungle cat is listed as Least Concern on the IUCN Red List and is mainly threatened by destruction of wetlands, trapping and poisoning.

The cat is native to the Middle East, South and Southeast Asia and southern China./

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