Jungle Cat Caught in Chuy Region


AKIPRESS.COM - A jungle cat (Felis chaus), which was considered responsible for attacks on several chickens in the Moscow district of Chuy region, was found trapped in a trap set by locals, Turmush reports.

The locals found the jungle cat, also called swamp cat, trapped near the house on May 8.The jungle cat is a large, long-legged cat it stands nearly 36 cm at shoulder and weighs 216 kg.

The locals said they saw the cat coming to prey on a chicken and easily jumping over the 2-meter fence grabbing a prey in its jaw."This animal reminds of something between a cat and lynx.

The jungle cat is as big as two domestic cats, it had thick tail, and fluffy lynx-like ears," the villagers said."It was quite aggressive to people.

5 years ago a similar cat was trapped here, but that cat was much bigger. They come to prey on chickens...

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