Working in galleys, pantries and other food handling areas

22. Working in galleys, pantries and other food handling areas1
22.1. Loading and storing provisions
22.1.1. All seafarers working in the galley, pantry and other food handling areas
should be trained in related safety measures before assuming their responsibilities.
22.1.2. (1) Whenever possible stores and provisions should be taken aboard,
preferably by a crane or derrick, onto a deck area where no cargo is being worked.
(2) There should be a short and convenient route to the storerooms. As far as
practicable this route should not pass across areas where cargo is being worked.
22.1.3. (1) Care should be taken to ensure that any obstructions between the
loading area and the storerooms are marked or properly protected.
(2) Where possible, wooden ramps should be installed so as to provide unimpeded
passage over steps or obstructions.
22.1.4. When crates are handled or opened, any protruding nails or staples should
be removed and crates or chests should be made safe and any metal strips or projections
removed before handling.
22.1.5. Any hooks or sharp equipment used for handling stores should be stowed
in a safe place.
22.1.6. (1) Refrigerator chamber doors should be fitted with:
(a) a device of adequate strength to hold them open in a seaway; and
(b) a means of opening them from the inside.
(2) Refrigerator rooms should have a means of sounding the alarm both from inside
and outside.
(3) The area immediately outside should have a slip-resistant surface.
22.1.7. If a leakage of refrigerant in a refrigerated storage space is suspected:
(a) a warning notice to that effect should be posted on the door or access; and
(b) seafarers should not enter.
22.1.8. (1) When seafarers enter refrigerated chambers that are usually padlocked
they should take the padlocks in with them.
(2) Seafarers should make themselves familiar with the operation of the inside
release for the door and the location of the alarm button so they may be easily found in
the dark.
22.1.9. The proper functioning of alarm bells, door clasps and the inside release
should be checked at regular intervals.
1 See also the Food and Catering (Ships' Crews) Convention, 1946 (No. 68).

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