Why are Indonesian Law School No Good

Author:Pranoto Iskandar
Position:The Institute for Migrant Rights
e Indonesian Journal of International & Comparative Law
ISSN: 2338-7602; E-ISSN: 2338-770X
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WHy arE indonEsian laW (sCHools)
no good?
Pranoto Iskandar
e Institute for Migrant Rights
For starters, it is worth noting that this question can be applied across
the board and can applied generally to other university concentrations
as well. However, in order to be manageable, this paper focuses only on
law schools which, in my mind at least, I have more intimate knowl-
edge. Again, in spite of that caution, I encourage your mind to wander
around to apply the presented argument to other schools. More impor-
tantly, my main goal is to come up with a broad yet doable proposal
that will resume in the now losing direction political reform.
Before we go down this particular rabbit hole, one question is
worth raising: why should we care about law school in the rst place?
e rst and foremost reason is that law school is the ultimate bastion
of all kinds of socio-political discourse, along with cultural confusion
facing us currently.
As a “school,” law school plays a unique role in inuencing the
direction of any given society in which it operates. One reason for this
is that law schools produces a host of ready-made professionals, who
eventually go on to change the societal fabric in their preferred image.
Let us consider, for instance, the camaraderie among law students
that develops during their law school years. Once they are out on the
prowl, this “once-impeccable” bond readily translates into an endless
web among producers (politicians), consumers (lawyers), and of

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