10. Vibration
10.1. Scope
10.1.1. This chapter gives additional and specific information to help employers,
workers and competent authorities apply the general principles in Chapters 2 and 3.
10.1.2. Exposure of workers to hazardous vibration mainly comprises:
(a) whole-body vibration when the body is supported on a surface which is vibrating,
which occurs in all forms of transport and when working near vibrating industrial
(b) hand-transmitted vibration, which enters the body through the hands and is caused
by various processes in which vibrating tools or workpieces are grasped or pushed
by the hands or fingers.
10.1.3. Exposure limits should be established according to current international
knowledge and data. International consensus standards describe useful methods for
quantifying vibration severity for whole-body vibration in ISO 2631-1:1997 and for
hand-transmitted vibration in ISO 5349:1986. In addition to these standards and this
code, the information on the assessment of vibration exposure and protective and
preventive measures provided for in the Working Environment (Air Pollution, Noise
and Vibration) Convention (No. 148), and Recommendation (No. 156), 1977, and the
ILO code of practice Protection of workers against noise and vibration in the working
environment (Geneva, 1984) should apply. Further detailed information can be found in
section 10 of the annex.
10.2. Assessment
10.2.1. If workers or others are frequently exposed to hand-transmitted or whole-
body vibration, and obvious steps do not eliminate the exposure, employers should
assess the hazard and risk to safety and health from the conditions, and the prevention
and control measures to remove the hazards or risks or to reduce them to the lowest
practicable level by all appropriate means.
10.2.2. For the prevention of adverse effects of vibration on workers, employers
(a) consider the sources of vibration and the tasks which give rise to exposure;
(b) seek the advice of the competent authority about exposure limits and other
standards to be applied;
(c) seek the advice of the supplier of vehicles and equipment about their vibration

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