Transparency International's Five-Year Strategy Cements Further Anti-Corruption Efforts

Author:Mr Roan Lamp, Patrick Ploeger, Marnix Somsen, Rick van 't Hullenaar and Richard van Staden ten Brink
Profession:De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek N.V.

In Together against Corruption, Transparency International announces that it will step up its anti-corruption efforts in the next five years. Regulatory authorities are also expected to contribute to these efforts. This shows that the "anti-corruption" theme will stay in the spotlight in the coming years.

The strategy

Transparency International (TI) is the global movement against corruption. In Together against Corruption it provides the framework for its 2016-2020 anti-corruption ambitions. TI's strategy centers on (i) raising awareness, and (ii) advocating systematic change. TI points at an "implementation gap" between anti-corruption rules and how they are actually implemented. To bridge this gap, TI argues that (i) laws must be enforced, (ii) loopholes must be closed, (iii) whistleblowers must be protected, and (iv) justice must be delivered swiftly. Together against Corruption sets out three areas of priority:

People and partners - TI aims to facilitate a culture of anti-corruption actions Strong movement - TI strives to become better at what it does Prevention, enforcement and justice - TI wants to promote prevention and end impunity for corruption Prevention, enforcement and justice

In the coming years, TI will push to implement standards in political finance, procurement, conflict of interest and lobbying. It also aims to work with regulators and business leaders to ensure clean business environments...

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