IP Think Tank Global Week In Review - 16 November 2007

Author:Mr Duncan Bucknell
Profession:Duncan Bucknell

Here is IP Think Tank's weekly selection of top intellectual property news breaking in the blogosphere and internet.

Big news this week included: Kamil Idris to leave WIPO, AT&T's plans to install filtering software, pharmaceutical posology patents invalid in Germany, Canadian Supreme Court Justice critizes the controversial and famous Schmeiser case, Lego loses a trade mark case at home, recycling held to be patent infringement in Japan, the UK High Court to hear a software patentability case, Rowlings gets her preliminary injunction, and Google sued by NorthEastern University.

Please join the discussion by adding your comments on any of these stories, and please do let me know if you think we've missed something important, or if there is a source you think should be monitored.

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Embattled WIPO leader, Kamil Idris to go (eventually): (IPKat), (IAM), (IPBiz),

USPTO, EPO and JPO to sign memorandum of understanding (MOU) on patent applications: (IP Watch),

WIPO Advisory Committee on Enforcement examines Criminal Penalties for IP breaches: (WIPO), (IPR-Helpdesk),

Compendium of Patent Statistics, a recent OECD publication (uses a whole host of figures from a number of patent offices): (IAM), (OECD),

This week's World Health Organization meeting on intellectual property, innovation and public health appeared to reach preliminary agreement Friday on principles establishing that IP rights should not negatively impact public health and should fit with the needs of developing countries: (IP Watch),

Open Innovation & Open Source: (IPCentral),

Cory Doctorow has a new column up on Locus Online discussing "the fundamentals of using CC licenses: (Creative Commons), (IPLawDaily),

Intellectual Ventures prepares for global expansion: (IAM), (Against Monopoly), (SpicyIP), (Patent Prospector), (WSJ),

MTV & Rambus - get your positioning right when aggressively asserting IP: (IP Think Tank),

Digital Rights Management (DRM)-Free Music Outsells Protected Songs Four to One: (Michael Geist), (arstechnica),

Established and emerging IP Business Models: (Patent Troll Tracker), (Peter Zura), (IPBiz),

Patent Uncertainty and Patent Academy: (IP Think Tank),

Technology & IP Strategy - Block, Run, Team-Up or all 3? (IP Think Tank),

A Timeline of YouTube Litigation: (MTTLR),

IP Strategy and public relations - RIAA's (hollow?) victory in the Jammie Thomas case: (IP Think Tank),

Garmin Corp. and TomTom Inc., have called a truce in their worldwide patent war over GPS systems, settling all their litigation in the United States, United Kingdom and the Netherlands: (IPLaw360),

AT&T's plan to placate Hollywood by adding antipiracy technology to its network: (IPLawDaily),

Ocean Tomo announces results of auction held in late October: (PatentDocs),

Technology Patents LLC has filed a lawsuit against 131 companies worldwide alleging infringement of patents relating to text messaging: (arstechnica),


Why foreign pharma move to China: (China Hearsay),

Hatch-Waxman tracker update: (Orange Book Blog),

Boniva (Ibandronate) -...

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