The Perspective from Home

The Perspective from
“My biggest challenge is working while
keeping track of my son’s distance learning
and keeping him entertained throughout the
day. I wouldn’t call this a solution, but I have
adapted to having multiple ‘offices’ around
the house with toys around my ‘workstations.’”
“For me keeping all
three kids engaged,
active, and safe at the
same time has been
the biggest challenge
while working from
home. Solution?
Sometimes saying
yes to the mess makes
everyone happy.”
“My biggest challenge
while working from home
was getting my kids used to
distance learning. My older son adapted
quickly but it was harder for my younger son.
I got him motivated by reorganizing
his workspace so that he felt
comfortable and could focus. He is
doing fine now though he of course
misses his friends from school.”
“Biggest challenge: Cooking and
cleaning for four males—two
boys, a husband, and the dog.
Solution: None so far. I’ve tried
to assign tasks to each but then
I ended up redoing them all.”
The COVID-19 pandemic has meant that this issue
of Research Perspectives was put together in the
same rooms where our families, pets, and grocery
lists were competing for our attention. We’ve been
impressed by one another’s resilience, so we thought
it would be worthwhile to share a few of the stories
and insights from those who contributed to this latest
issue. Maybe you’ll even pick up an idea or two about
how to dress your dog!
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