The Overlooked Soft Power of Indonesia's Post-UNCMW

Author:Pranoto Iskandar - François Crépeau
Position:Institute for Migrant Rights, Cianjur, Indonesia - McGill Centre for Human Rights & Legal Pluralism, Montreal, Canada
e Indonesian Journal of International & Comparative Law
ISSN: 2338-7602; E-ISSN: 2338-770X
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ICIJL’s Note
thE ovErlookEd soft powEr of
indonEsias post-unCmw
Pranoto Iskandar & François Crépeau
Institute for Migrant Rights, Cianjur—Indonesia
McGill Centre for Human Rights & Legal Pluralism, Montreal—Canada
Indonesia’s ratication of the International Convention on the Rights of
All Migrant Workers and Members of their Families (ICMW) is a laud-
able step for the promotion and protection of human rights in South-
east Asia. It signals Indonesias intention to take better care of the rights
of Indonesian workers abroad, as well as of the rights of non-citizens in
Indonesia. It could herald Indonesia’s willingness to increase its social
and political engagement on the protection of human rights generally.
Indonesia can now go further and take concrete steps in three dierent
directions, domestic, regional and international.
At the domestic level, Indonesia could bank on its social diversity and
take advantage of its multilayered political system: central government,
regional administrations and cities should start to collaborate towards
the elaboration of a “national plan on migration management, which

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