Testing of lifting appliances

Appendix A
Appendix A
Testing of lifting appliances
A.1. General provisions
A.1.1. Every lifting appliance should be tested in accordance
with the provisions of Appendix D, section D.1:
before being taken into use for the first time;
at least once in every period of five years if it is a lifting appli-
ance on a ship;
after the renewal or repair of any stress-bearing part.
A.1.2. Testing of the complete appliance is not necessary
when a part is renewed or repaired, and the part is separately sub-
jected to the same stress to which it would have been subjected if it
had been tested in situ during the testing of the complete appliance.
A.1.3. Every test should be carried out:
by a competent person;
in daylight, provided that the latitude of the place of testing so
allows; otherwise, adequate lighting should be provided;
at a time when the wind force and/or gusting does not exceed
the wind force/gusting limits for which the lifting appliance
was designed;
after all prudent precautions have been taken to ensure the
safety of all persons carrying out the testing and others who
may be in the vicinity at the time of the test.
A.2. Precautions before testing
A.2.1. If the stability of a ship is liable to be endangered by
the test unless certain precautions, such as proper ballasting, are
taken, the competent person should give notice to the master or
person in charge of the ship of the date and time of the test,
the amount of test load to be applied and the maximum outreach

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