Target: 30 percent of leadership positions to women by 1995.

Position:United Nations Commission on the Status of Women

A target of 30 per cent of leadership positions to be held by women by 1995 in Governments, political parties, trade unions, professional and other representative groups was recommended by the Commission on the Status of Women at its 34th session (Vienna, 26 February-9 March). On average, only 3.5 per cent of national ministerial posts were held by women in 1987, according to a UN study.

The recommendation was among 22 texts adopted by the body, many of them aimed at accelerating the implementation of the 1985 Nairobi Forward-Looking Strategies for the Advancement of Women. Thirteen drafts recommended action by the Commission's parent body, the UN Economic and Social Council.

Mass campaigns to inform women and men of women's rights, training teachers on gender issues, elimination of sex-biased representations in textbooks by 1995, establishment of legal aid offices for women, penalties for violence against women in the family, the workplace and society, and special measures to...

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