Tactical Internet radios: getting forces connected.


As information and communications systems have come to play a dominant role in military operations, Tactical Internet radios are required to maximize data throughput whilst maintaining range, connectivity and resistance to jamming in a highly disrupted environment. Bolstered by its experience with the PR4G best-selling radio--more than 110,000 radios in +30 countries--Thales has rolled out the new PR4G F@stnet radio that supports the unique 64 kbps waveform whilst keeping the frequency hopping and anti jamming modes that made its earlier reputation. In addition, the PR4G F@stnet proposes a new frequency hopping Multiplex mode (called SIVD) offering the capability of providing Simultaneously and Independently secure Voice and Data communications in the same radio--without any form of precedence of voice over data or vice versa. This feature unique in the world--in effect 2 radios in one--definitely saves on weight and power. This feature as well as the standard IP/Ethernet interface makes the PR4G F@stnet a tactical internet enabler.

These features, unique in the market, certainly explain the success of the PR4G F@stnet, which has been selected by over 10 countries in less than a year. Thales, through its...

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