Table of Concordance


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Topic Convention Resolutions FATF SR* Civil Law (Article) Common Law (Section)
Criminalize the financing of terrorism (FT) Article 4 1373 (2001) II II-2 2
Establish liability (criminal, civil or administrative) of corporations for FT Article 5 II-3 3
Exclude excuses for FT based on political, philosophical, etc. considerations Article 6 I-3
Establish jurisdiction over FT offenses Article 7 III-1 4
Identify, detect, freeze, or seize assets used in committing FT offenses, and freeze terrorist assets Article 8 1267 (1999), 1333 (2001), 1373 (2001), 1390 (2002) III II-9- II-12 8-10
Establish procedure for detention of persons suspected of FT (including notification of other jurisdictions) Articles 9, 17, and 19 IV-2- IV-5 5-7
Implement principle of “prosecute or extradite” Article 10 IV-17 5(1)
Implement provisions on extradition Article 11 IV-12- IV-16 12
Implement provisions on mutual legal cooperation Articles 12- 15 IV-6- IV-11 13
Implement provisions on transfer of detainees and prisoners Article 16 14
Take FT prevention measures, including: Article 18, 1
Prohibit illegal encouragement, instigation, organization, or engaging in FT offenses (a) See the discussion on page 50
Require financial institutions to utilize the most efficient measures available for customer identification; pay special attention to suspicious transactions, and report suspicious transactions; and, for this purpose, consider regulations on unidentified account holders and beneficiaries, on documentation for opening accounts for legal entities, on suspicious transaction reporting, and on record retention (b) IV (Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Law)
Consider: Article 18, 2
Supervision measures, including, for example, licensing of all money transmission agencies; and (a) (SR VI: impose antimoney laundering requirements on alternative remittance systems) V-7-V-8 15
feasible measures to detect or monitor cross-border transportation of cash (b) (AML and other laws)
Establish channels for exchange of information between competent agencies and services Article

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