Case of European Court of Human Rights, October 22, 1996 (case Stubbings and Others v. the United Kingdom)

Resolution Date:October 22, 1996

No violation of Art. 6-1 No violation of Art. 8 No violation of Art. 14+6-1 No violation of Art. 14+8


Information Note on the Court’s case-law No.

October 1996

Stubbings and Others v. the United Kingdom - 22083/93 and 22095/93

Judgment 22.10.1996

Article 6

Civil proceedings

Article 6-1

Access to court

Rules on limitation preventing alleged victims of child sexual abuse from commencing civil proceedings: no violation

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I.              ARTICLE 6 § 1 OF THE CONVENTION

Applicants claimed psychological after-effects of abuse prevented them from realising they had cause of action against abusers until after expiry of applicable limitation period.

Very essence of right to court not impaired because English law of limitation allowed applicants six years from eighteenth birthdays to initiate civil proceedings and criminal prosecution could be brought at any time.

Limitation rules served legitimate aim - ensuring legal certainty and finality - and were proportionate.

At present no uniformity in member States as to date from which limitation periods are reckoned, although possible that States may have to amend rules as awareness of child sexual abuse develops.

Since very essence of right not impaired and restrictions pursued legitimate aim and were proportionate, relevant rules within margin of appreciation allowed to States in regulating access to court.

Conclusion: no violation (seven votes to two).


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