Case of European Court of Human Rights, September 23, 1997 (case Robins v. the United Kingdom)

Resolution Date:September 23, 1997

Violation of Art. 6-1 Pecuniary damage - claim dismissed Non-pecuniary damage - claim dismissed Costs and expenses partial award - Convention proceedings


Information Note on the Court’s case-law No.

September 1997

Robins v. the United Kingdom - 22410/93

Judgment 23.9.1997

Article 6

Civil proceedings

Article 6-1

Reasonable time

Length of costs proceedings: violation

[This summary is extracted from the Court’s official reports (Series A or Reports of Judgments and Decisions). Its formatting and structure may therefore differ from the Case-Law Information Note summaries.]

I.              ARTICLE 6 § 1 OF THE CONVENTION

A.              Applicability

Proceedings to determine amount of costs payable by legally aided applicants after litigation between neighbours must be seen as continuation of substantive litigation and accordingly as part of determination of “civil rights and obligations”.

B.              Compliance

Delays of ten months owing to mistake on part of legal aid assessment authorities and sixteen months owing to inactivity by court staff, in context of proceedings lasting over four years to determine relatively straightforward dispute...

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