Resolution Nº S/RES/2187 (2014) from Security Council of the United Nations

Issuing Organization:Security Council
United Nations
/RES/ 2187 (2 014)
Security Council
Distr. : Genera l
25 N ovember 2014
Resolution 2187 (2014)
Adopted by the Security Council at its 7322nd meeting, on
25 November 2014
The S ecurity Counci l,
Recalling it s previo us reso lutions 1996 (2011), 2046 (2012) , 2057 ( 2012),
2109 (2013), 2132 (2 013) an d 2155 ( 2014),
Reaffirming its stro ng comm itment t o the s overeign ty, indep endence, territo rial
integ rity, and nati onal uni ty of th e Republ ic of So uth Suda n, and recalling t he
impo rtance o f the pr inciple s of no n-inter ference, good-n eighbou rliness, and re gional
coop eration,
Recalling its res olution 20 86 (2013) a nd reaffirm ing the basi c principl es of
peac ekeeping , i ncluding co nsent of the partie s, i mpartial ity, a nd n on-us e o f fo rce,
exce pt in se lf-defe nce and defenc e of the mandat e, and recognizing tha t the m andate
of each pea cekeepi ng mission is spe cific to the need and sit uation of the coun try
conc erned,
Expressing grave alar m and con cern r egardin g the fur ther d eteriora ting
poli tical, se curity, an d human itarian crisis i n South Sudan r esulting from th e intern al
Suda n Peop le’s Li beration Move ment (S PLM) poli tical disp ute and subs equent
viol ence cau sed by t he coun try’s poli tical an d milita ry leade rs,
Strongl y cond emning reporte d and o ngoing human rights violatio ns and abuses
and viol ations o f in ternati onal hum anitaria n l aw, i ncludi ng thos e i nvolving
extr ajudicial ki llings, eth nically targ eted violen ce, rape and other for ms of sexual
and g ender-b ased vio lence, r ecruitme nt and u se of ch ildren, e nforced
disap pearanc es, arbitrar y a rrests and dete ntion, viol ence aimed at spre ading ter ror
amon g the civili an pop ulation, and attacks on s chools, places of w orship, hospit als,
and United Nations and a ssociat ed peac ekeepin g perso nnel, b y all p arties, includi ng
arme d group s and nationa l secur ity for ces, as well as the incitem ent to commit suc h
abus es and violati ons, fu rther condemn ing har assment and t argeting of ci vil soc iety,
huma nitarian pers onnel and journal ists, and emphasizing that those resp onsible for
viol ations of in ternatio nal human itarian la w and viola tions and ab uses of hum an
right s mus t be held account able and th at the Gove rnment of S outh Sudan bears the
prima ry resp onsibili ty to p rotect civi lians wi thin it s territo ry and sub ject to its
juris diction, includ ing from potenti al crime s again st huma nity and war cri mes,

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