Resolution Nº A/RES/74/268 from General Assembly of the United Nations

Court:United Nations General Assembly
Publication Date:03 Mar 2020
Resolution Number:A/RES/74/268
United Nations
/RES /74/ 268
General Assembly
Distr. : Gener al
4 Ma rch 2020
20-033 68 (E) 06032 0
Seventy -fourth ses sion
Agen da item 30
The rol e of diamond s in fuellin g conflict
Resolution adopted by the General Assembly
on 3 March 2020
[witho ut reference to a Mai n Commit tee (A/7 4/39 and A/74/L .39/ Add.1 )]
74/268. The rol e of diamonds in fuellin g conflict: breaking the link
between the illicit tran saction of rough diamonds and armed
conflict as a contribution to prevent ion and settlement of conflicts
The General Assembl y,
Reco gniz ing th at the trade in co nflict diam onds conti nues to be a matte r of
serio us in ternatio nal co ncern, which can be di rectly linked to t he fue lling of ar med
conf lict, the activi ties of rebel mov ements aime d a t un dermini ng or o verthro wing
legit imate Go vernmen ts and the illicit tr affic in a nd prolif eration o f armame nts,
espe cially s mall arm s and li ght wea pons,
Reco gnizing al so the devas tating imp act of confli cts fuelled by t he trade in
conf lict diamo nds on peac e and the saf ety and sec urity of pe ople in affe cted coun tries,
and the systema tic a nd gr oss h uman rights violat ions that h ave b een p erpetra ted in
such conflic ts,
Noti ng t he negat ive imp act of s uch conf licts on region al stabil ity and the
obli gations place d u pon S tates by the Charte r of the Unit ed N ations regar ding the
main tenance of in ternatio nal peac e and se curity, and recogn izing tha t contin ued
actio n to cur b the tr ade in conflict diamon ds is im perative ,
Noti ng wi th app reciation tha t the Kimb erley Proc ess, a s an int ernatio nal
initi ative led b y Partici pants, ha s pursued its delibe rations o n an inclu sive basi s
invo lving co ncerned stakeho lders, inclu ding pro ducing, exporti ng and impor ting
Stat es, the diam ond ind ustry a nd civ il socie ty, as w ell as appl icant S tates an d
inter nationa l organi zations,
Welcomi ng the i mportant c ontribut ion of the Kimb erley Proc ess, which w as
initi ated by Afr ican dia mond-p roducing countr ies, and calli ng for th e consis tent
impl ementati on of commitm ents made by Kim berley Pro cess Partic ipants and th e
diam ond ind ustry an d civil society organiza tions, a s observ ers,

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