Resolution Nº A/RES/73/165 from General Assembly of the United Nations

Issuing Organization:General Assembly
United Nations
/RES /73/ 165
General Assembly
Distr. : Genera l
21 J anuary 2 019
18-222 60 (E) 240119
Seventy -third sess ion
Agen da item 74 (b)
Resolution adopted by the General Assembly
on 17 December 2018
[on th e report of the Third Committe e (A/73/ 589/ Add.2 )]
73/165. United Natio ns Declaration on the Rights of Pea sants and O ther
People Working i n Rural Areas
The General Assembly ,
Welcomi ng the adoption by the Hu man R ights Council , in its re solutio n 39 /12
of 2 8 Septe mber 20 18,
of the Un ited Na tions D eclarat ion on the Ri ghts of Peasan ts
and Other Pe ople Worki ng in Ru ral Areas ,
1. Adop ts the United Na tions Dec laration o n the Rights o f Peasant s and Other
Peop le Working in Rura l Areas, a s contai ned in the anne x to the present reso lution;
2. Invi tes Gov ernment s, a gencies and or ganizatio ns of the United Nati ons
syst em and inter governme ntal and no n-gove rnmental o rganizat ions to diss eminate t he
Decl aration and to p romote universa l respec t and un derstan ding the reof;
3. Requ ests the Secretar y-Gener al t o inc lude the text of th e De claratio n in
the next edi tion of Human R ights: A Compila tion of Interna tional In strumen ts.
55th plen ary meet ing
17 Dece mber 20 18
United Nations Decla ration on the Rights of Peasa nts and Other
People Working i n Rural Areas
The General Assembly ,
Reca llin g the princip les proc laimed i n the Cha rter of t he Unite d Nation s, which
reco gnize the in herent dignit y and worth and the e qual a nd inaliena ble ri ghts o f all
memb ers of the hum an fami ly as t he foun dation of free dom, ju stice an d peace in the
worl d,
See Off icial Records of the Gener al Asse mbly, Se venty -third Session , Supp lement No. 53A
(A/73 /53/ Add. 1), ch ap. II.
United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Peasants
and Other People Working in Rural Areas
Taking into accoun t the prin ciples proclai med i n the Unive rsal Declarat ion o f
Huma n Rights,
t he Internat ional Conv ention on th e E limina tion of All Forms o f
Raci al Discri minatio n,
the I nternati onal Cov enant on Econom ic, Socia l and Cul tural
Righ ts,
the Internat ional Co venant on Civil and Poli tical Ri ghts,4 t he Conve ntion o n
the Elimina tion o f All F orms o f Disc riminati on aga inst Wome n,
the Conve ntion o n
the R ights of the Chi ld,
the Internat ional Co nventio n on the Protect ion of th e Rights
of All Migrant Wo rkers an d Membe rs of Th eir Fami lies,
rele vant co nvention s of the
Inter nationa l Lab our Organiza tion and o ther relevant inte rnation al ins trument s tha t
have been ad opted a t the un iversal or regio nal leve l,
Reaffirm ing the Dec laration on the Right to Develop ment,
and that the right t o
deve lopment is an i nalienab le hu man r ight by vir tue o f whi ch ev ery h uman person
and al l people s are entit led to par ticipate in, contr ibute to a nd enjoy e conomic , social,
cultu ral and politi cal dev elopment , in w hich al l human rights and f undamen tal
free doms can be ful ly reali zed,
Reaf firming also the Unite d Na tions Declar ation on t he R ights of I ndigeno us
Peop les,
Reaf firming f urther that all human ri ghts are universa l, indiv isible, i nterrela ted,
inter depende nt and mutu ally rein forcing a nd must be tr eated in a f air and e qual
mann er, on the same fo oting and wi th the same emp hasis, and r ecalling t hat the
promo tion a nd prot ection of one categor y of ri ghts sh ould ne ver exe mpt Sta tes fro m
the p romotio n and pr otectio n of the other ri ghts,
Reco gniz ing the s pecial r elations hip and i nteracti on betwe en peasa nts and ot her
peop le working i n rural area s and the land , water and na ture to whic h they are att ached
and on which they d epend fo r their liveliho od,
Reco gnizing a lso the pa st, presen t and futur e contribu tions of pe asant s and other
peop le working i n rural area s i n all region s of the world to d evelop ment and to
cons erving and impr oving biodi versity, whic h cons titute the basis of foo d and
agri cultural produ ction througho ut the worl d, and their contr ibution in e nsuring th e
right t o adequate f ood and food s ecurity, whi ch are funda mental to at taining th e
inter nationa lly agree d develo pment go als, incl uding the 2030 Agen da for Su stainabl e
Deve lop ment ,
Conc erne d tha t pe asants an d oth er p eople wor king in rur al a reas suffe r
dispr oportio nately f rom pov erty, hung er and malnutri tion,
Conc erned als o that peasa nts and othe r people wor king in rur al areas suff er from
the b urdens caused b y envir onmenta l degrad ation an d cli mate cha nge,
Conc erned furth er ab out p easants age ing a round the worl d and yo uth
incr easingly migrati ng to ur ban area s and tur ning the ir backs on agri culture o wing to
the lack of in centives an d t he d rudgery of rur al life, and recog nizing the nee d t o
impr ove the econo mic divers ificatio n o f rural areas a nd the creatio n o f non-f arm
oppo rtunitie s, espec ially fo r rural youth,
Alar med b y the incre asing nu mber of pea sants and o ther peop le worki ng in rural
area s forcib ly evict ed or di splaced every y ear,
Resolut ion 217 A (III ).
United Nations , Treaty Serie s, vol. 6 60, No . 946 4.
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Resolut ion 70 /1.

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