Resolución Nº 1182/21 del Consejo Permanente de la Organización de los Estados Americanos

CourtOrganización de los Estados Americanos (Derecho internacional)
Date20 October 2021
Resolution Number1182/21


CP/RES. 1182 (2346/21)

20 October 2021

Original: English

CP/RES. 1182 (2346/21)


(Adopted by the Permanent Council at its virtual regular meeting held on October 20, 2021)


RECALLING the exhortations of Member States to the Government of Nicaragua contained in all previous statements, resolutions and mandates adopted in support of free and fair elections and respect for human rights in Nicaragua;

NOTING WITH CONCERN that the recommendations of the Permanent Council in resolution CP/RES. 1175 (2324/21) “The Situation in Nicaragua” of J. 15, 2021, have been disregarded by the Government of Nicaragua;

ALARMED at the findings of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights as set out in the Oral Report on the Human Rights Situation in Nicaragua presented on September 13, 2021, which details “arbitrary detention of people, including political leaders, human rights defenders, business people, journalists, and peasant and student leaders” and the “cancellation of two other political parties last May”, eliminating “all possible options for the candidacies of the main opposition groups”;

AWARE that resolving the crisis in Nicaragua requires a commitment to democracy and democratic processes, including transparent elections that conform to internationally recognized standards; and the protection of human rights;

MINDFUL that the Inter American Democratic Charter commits Member States to organize, conduct and ensure free and fair electoral processes, and

CONCERNED that the measures instituted by the Government of Nicaragua do not meet the minimum criteria for free and fair elections as established by the Inter American Democratic Charter and, therefore...

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