Reporting of accidents

3. Reporting of accidents
3.1. General provisions
3.1.1. The principal purpose of accident investigation, reporting and analysis
should be to minimize the potential for a recurrence of such accidents.
3.1.2. The cause or causes of all accidents or near accidents should be investigated
by the ship's safety officer.
3.1.3. A full report of any incident should be made to the safety and health
committee and, through the master, to the appropriate persons ashore. Shipowners
should report occupational accidents and diseases to the competent authority in
accordance with paragraph 2.3.13.
3.1.4. Reports of accidents and near accidents should be discussed at safety and
health committee meetings on board ship and steps should be taken to minimize the
possibility of recurrences. The reports should also be discussed by shore management,
and, if necessary, the shipowner's safety and health policy should be amended to take
account of the conclusions of the investigation.

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