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Position:Off the News - Harry Freeman - In memoriam

For nearly a quarter century, Harry Freeman, who died on June 6, was a close advisor and spirited force behind this magazine. Harry was a one-man think tank/public policy dynamo. A man of great intellect, dedication, and passion, he transformed Washington thinking on trade at a critical moment when the U.S. economy was in transition to a largely services economy. Harry predicted this development and helped reposition the U.S. government to reflect this new reality.


Harry's accomplishments were impressive. He coined the term "financial service sector," which ultimately led the Bureau of Labor Statistics to change its monthly trade balance figures to acknowledge the impact of goods and services. As a result, Fortune Magazine began an annual list of the top 500 service companies.

Along with other prominent members of the financial services community, Harry conceived of the Coalition of Service Industries to promote the contributions of the service sector to the U.S. economy...

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