Refugee's Rights to HIV/AIDS Healthcare in Korea under the UNAIDS Guidelines

AuthorSunjoo Kang & Younjoo Kim & Insook Kim
East Asian Observer
X JEAIL 2 (2017)
s Rights to HIV/AIDS Healthcare
in Korea under the UNAIDS Guidelines
Sunjoo Kang
& Younjoo Kim
& Insook Kim
HIV/AIDS is an important global issue in human rights and health. The United Nations
Refugee Convention clearly addresses to guarantee healthcare rights to refugees at the
same level as those provided to citizens. In Korea, the number of refugee applicants has
surged since the enactment of the Refugee Act in 2012. Regarding human dignity and
human rights, however, there are serious concerns that Koreas healthcare laws and
      
hardship. This paper proposes the ways to improve healthcare equity by comparing the
UNAIDS Guidelines to Korean policies on HIV-positive refugee applicants.
Refugees, HIV/AIDS, Healthcare, Korea, UNAIDS Guideline 6, Global
Health Security, WHO
* Professor at the Department of Nursing of Cheju Halla University. LL.B./MSN(Yonsei), LL.M./Ph.D. in Law (Daejeon
Univ.). She may be contacted at: This article is a fully revised and updated version of the paper
presented at the Annual Conference of the Korea Association of Medical Law (Discrimination Issue of Medical Care)
held in Seoul, Korea on June 3, 2017.
** Vice-director at Daegu Center for Infectious Diseases Control and Prevention and former counselling nurse for hospital
based counselling service for people living with HIV at Kyungpook National University Hospital. She may be contacted
*** Professor at College of Nursing, Mo-Im Kim Nursing Research Institute, Yonsei University; Senior Fellow at the
Department of Medical Law and Ethics, Graduate School of Yonsei University Seoul, Korea. Ph.D.(Yonsei). She may
be contacted at:

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