Disarmament Commission recommends Declaration for Third Disarmament Decade; agrees on guidelines for conventional disarmament.


Disarmament Commission recommends Declaration for Third Disarmament Decade

The Disarmament Commission at its three-week session (7-29 May, New York), recommended adoption of a draft Declaration for the Third Disarmament Decade--the 1990s--and urged an end to any military and nuclear aid to South Africa which would enhance its nuclear capability. The Commission also adopted by consensus as set of observations and recommendations on conventional disarmament.

Those were among the substantive issues the Commission dealt with through subsidiary bodies. The others were: aspects of the arms race, particularly the nuclear-arms race and nuclear disarmament; role of the United Nations in disarmament; naval armaments and disarmament; and objective information on military matters (a new item).

The Commission successfully concluded all outstanding issues at its current session except the new item. It also adopted concrete recommendations by consensus on most of the other items.


Disarmament Decade

The Commission finalized the draft text of the "Declaration of the 1990s as the Third Disarmament Decade", for consideration by the forty-fifth session of the General Assembly. The text stresses, among other things, the important role that the general public, informed about the issues of disarmament, could play in promoting a constructive and realistic dialogue on disamament issues.

Also, to help increase global consciousness of the issues, the Commission stated that the World Disarmament Campaign and Disarmament Week would continue to play a useful role in achieving the goals of the Decade.

Nuclear-arms race

On the nuclear-arms race and nuclear disa mament, the Commission stated that disarmament is the responsibility of all States. However, "the nuclear-weapon States have the primary responsibility for nuclear disarmament and, together with other military significant States, for halting and reversing the arms race", the Commission stated.

The Commission also urged the co-operation of all States to reach the goal of nuclear non-proliferation by preventing the...

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