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December 2015
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Mechanics of a Strong Euro Area
Petya Koeva Brooks and Mahmood Pradhan
“This book presents a vivid example of Fund staff contributions of pertinent advice
to euro area policymakers based on sound analytical underpinnings reflecting broad
cross-country experiences.
—Peter Praet, Member of the Executive Boa rd, European Central Bank
© 2015. Paperback. ISBN 978-1-49830-553-2 Price: $30
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Inequality and Fiscal Policy
Benedict Clements, Ruud de Mooij, Sanjeev Gupta, and
Michael Keen
“This collection of articles adds greatly to our understanding of the
link between economic performance and inequality, combining theory, econometrics,
and case studies, and looking at both taxes and expenditures. The questions are investigated
in a huge range of circumstances—both developed and developing countries, at the national
and subnational levels. The IMF recognizes that its policies can have huge distributive
consequences and so this book will be important not only for guiding its own work, but
for scholars and policymakers seeking to further enhance our understanding of the
determinants of inequality and devising policies that might reduce it.
—Joseph E. Stiglitz, Profess or, Columbia University
© 2015. Hardcover. ISBN 978-1-51356-775-4 Price: $50
Power Play: Energy and Manufacturing North America
Roberto Cardarelli and Lusine Lusinyan
The recent boom in unconventional energy product ion has been transforming the energy
landscape in North America, with impor tant implications for global energy markets and
broader competitiveness outlook. This book, within a unify ing framework, tells the story of the
energy-manufacturing nexus from the perspec tive of the United States, C anada, and Mexico,
and of the region as a whole, which produces nearly a quarter of the world’s energy.
© 2015. Paperback. ISBN 978-1-49836-479-9 Price: $25
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