R143 - Workers' Representatives Recommendation, 1971 (No. 143)


The General Conference of the International Labour Organisation,

Having been convened at Geneva by the Governing Body of the International Labour Office, and having met in its Fifty-sixth Session on 2 June 1971, and,

Having adopted the Workers' Representatives Convention, 1971, and

Having decided upon the adoption of certain proposals with regard to protection and facilities afforded to workers' representatives in the undertaking, which is the fifth item on the agenda of the session, and

Having determined that these proposals shall take the form of a Recommendation,

adopts this twenty-third day of June of the year one thousand nine hundred and seventy-one, the following Recommendation, which may be cited as the Workers' Representatives Recommendation, 1971:

I. Methods of Implementation
  1. 1. Effect may be given to this Recommendation through national laws or regulations or collective agreements, or in any other manner consistent with national practice.
II. General Provisions
  1. 2. For the purpose of this Recommendation the term workers' representatives means persons who are recognised as such under national law or practice, whether they are--
    • (a) trade union representatives, namely representatives designated or elected by trade unions or by the members of such unions; or
    • (b) elected representatives, namely representatives who are freely elected by the workers of the undertaking in accordance with provisions of national laws or regulations or of collective agreements and whose functions do not include activities which are recognised as the exclusive prerogative of trade unions in the country concerned.
  2. 3. National laws or regulations, collective agreements, arbitration awards or court decisions may determine the type or types of workers' representatives which should be entitled to the protection and facilities provided for in this Recommendation.
  3. 4. Where there exist in the same undertaking both trade union representatives and elected representatives, appropriate measures should be taken, wherever necessary, to ensure that the existence of elected representatives is not used to undermine the position of the trade unions concerned or their representatives and to encourage co-operation on all relevant matters between the elected representatives and the trade unions concerned and their representatives.
III. Protection of Workers' Representatives
  1. 5. Workers' representatives in the undertaking should enjoy effective protection against any act prejudicial to them...

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