5. Promotion
5.1. Career development
5.1.1. Workers with disabilities should be afforded
equal opportunities with other workers at the workplace to
acquire the skills and experience necessary to advance in
their careers.
5.1.2. Information about career development and pro-
motional opportunities should be made available and com-
municated in a range of formats accessible to workers with
different disabilities in the enterprise. Particular attention
should be paid to accessibility, where such information is
provided electronically.
5.1.3. Workers with disabilities should be encouraged
to apply for promotion, particularly where it appears that
they may be reluctant to do so, because of an impairment or
other obstacle arising from their disability, or perceived ob-
stacles in their working environment.
5.1.4. In considering workers for promotion, employers
should take account of their prior experience, if any, com-
petencies, present performance and capabilities, in addition
to formal qualifications suitable to the essential require-
ments of the job.
5.2. Employer-sponsored training opportunities, manuals
and courses
5.2.1. Opportunities for workers with disabilities to
avail of in-service training programmes should be devel-
oped and publicized. The use of readers, interpreters and
adapted materials should be facilitated, where required, by

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