In accordance with the decisions taken by the Governing Body of the ILO at its
231st Session (November 1985), a meeting of experts was held in Geneva from 16 to 23
September 1986 to examine and approve a code of practice for the radiation protection
of workers (ionising radiations). The meeting was composed of four experts appointed
after consultation with governments, four experts appointed after consultation with the
Employers' group and four experts appointed after consultation with the Workers' group
of the Governing Body.1
This code contains a set of practical recommendations on the protection standards to
be observed in all activities involving the exposure of workers to ionising radiations. It
1 The following experts took part in the meeting:
Experts appointed after consultation with governments:
Mr. P. Beaver, H.M. Superintending Inspector, Health and Safety Executive, London (United Kingdom).
Dr. D. Beninson, Director, Nuclear Installations Licensing, National Commission for Atomic Energy,
Buenos Aires (Argentina).
Dr. E. Kunz, Head of Radiation Hygiene Centre, Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology, Prague
Mr. Li Deping, Professor, Director of Institute for Radiation Protection, Ministry of Nuclear Industry,
Taiyuan Shanxi Province (China).
Experts appointed after consultation with Employers:
Dr. Hoegl, Member of Technical Department, Siemens AG, Erlangen (Federal Republic of Germany).
Mr. P. W. Mummery, Director, Health and Safety, British Nuclear Fuels plc, Warrington (United
Dr. E. V. Sollet Sañudo, Chief of Radiological Protection of Nuclear Power Stations, Association of
Occupational Medicine and Safety of UNESA for the Electrical Industry (AMYS), Madrid (Spain).
Mr. M. Sonter, Radiation and Safety Superintendent, Roxby Management Services, Parkside (Australia).
Experts appointed after consultation with Workers:
Dr. R. Owen, Medical Adviser, Trades Union Congress, London (United Kingdom).
Dr. P.-M. Paris, Occupational Physician, General Confederation of Labour, Montreuil (France).
Mr. F. Rapp, Chief, Health and Safety Staff, United Automobile Workers, Detroit, Michigan (United
Mr. M. Takahashi, Member of the Executive Committee, Japanese Federation of Electrical Machine
Workers' Unions, Tokyo (Japan).
The following international governmental and non-governmental organisations were represented:
International governmental organisations:
World Health Organization.
International Atomic Energy Agency.
Commission of the European Communities.
Arab Labour Organisation.
Non-governmental organisations:
International Organisation of Employers.
International Confederation of Free Trade Unions.
International Federation of Chemical, Energy and General Workers' Unions.
International Metalworkers' Federation.
International Commission on Radiological Protection.
International Radiological Protection Association.
International Social Security Association.
International Electrotechnical Commission.

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