The publication of this code of practice was approved by the
Governing Body of the International Labour Office at its 180th
Session (May-June 1970). The code supersedes Regulation 15 of
the Model Code of Safety Regulations for Industrial Establishments,
for the Guidance of Governments and Industry, published by the
Office in 1949.
The code has been drawn up by the International Committee
for Lift Regulations 1 established in accordance with a decision
taken by the delegations accredited to an international meeting
of experts on safety regulations for passenger, goods and service
lifts that was held in Milan from 20 to 24 May 1957. After pre-
paration by experts from seven countries 2 the code was adopted
by the Committee in April 1969 and amended in January 1970.
The code has also been the subject of consultations organised
by the ILO with twelve countries having well developed lift indus-
tries. The observations made in the course of those consultations
1 Commission intemationale pour Ia rglementation des ascenseurs et
monte-charge (CIRA).
2 The following members of the Committee took part in the formulation
of the code: Mr. F. SPOON, former Chairman of the Committee and former
Director of the Netherlands Institute for Lift Technology; Mr. H. EGLI (Switzer-
land), Chairman of the Committee, former Chief of the Lift Installation
Bureau of the City of Zurich; Mr. R. T. EYPELTATJER (Austria), Chairman of
the Lifts Committee of the Austrian Standards Committee (ONA); Mr. C.
FERRETTI SARTORI (Italy), Director, National Accident Prevention Institute
(ENPI), and Chief of the Lifts and Hoists Inspection Service; Mr. C. F. FRAN-
ZEN (Federal Republic of Germany), former Chief of the Lifts Testing Agency;
Mr. L. P. 3. HUBERTS (Netherlands), Director of the Netherlands Institute for
Lift Technology; Mr. K. MianR, European Mechanical Handling Confedera-
tion (Fédération Européenne de la Manutention, abbreviated as FEM);
Mr. H. MASSART (FEM); Mr. C. G. L. MORLEY (United Kingdom), Assistant
Director, Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Greater
London Council, chairman of the lifts committee of the British Standards
Institution; Mr. H. Rocim (France), of the Lift Manufacturers' Federation;
Mr. I. SCHROEDER (Federal Republic of Germany), of the Lifts Board of the

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