Appraisal of the philosophical,political and ideological concept of privatization: a reflection on the nigeria experience

Author:Michael C. Ogwezzy - Shittu A. Bello
Position::LL.B, (Ibadan) B.L, LL.M, (Nigeria) ML.D, (DELSU) MASIO/LL.M, (ZH/Switzerland), (Ph.D in View), Lecturer I, Lead City University, Nigeria - LL.B, (ABU) B.L, LL.M (Ife), Ph.D (Ilorin) Senior Lecturer, Lead City University, Nigeria

The concept of privatization is not a new phenomenon but the practice continues to elicit novel ideas that attract comments from academics and other practitioners around the globe. It is an idea that have transcended over the decades to ensure that public enterprises are better managed by private individuals and organizations in order to achieve efficiency in their productivity. Our primary goal... (see full summary)

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