Other ILO publications

Other ILO publications
Safety and health in the use of chemicals at work: A training manual, by Abu Bakar Che Man and
David Gold
This non-technical manual offers clear guidance on the risks associated with chemicals at work, and ways
of reducing them. It covers health hazards resulting from chemical exposure, fire and explosion hazards,
principles of prevention, chemical emergency procedures and management of a chemical control
programme. Although specially designed for use on training courses, it will be invaluable to all those who
promote the safe use of chemicals at work. Includes numerous illustrations, suggestions for discussion and
activities, and a comprehensive checklist.
ISBN 92-2-106470-0 17.50 Swiss francs
Prevention of major industrial accidents. An ILO code of practice
This code of practice provides guidance in setting up an administrative, legal and technical system for the
control of installations producing, storing or using hazardous substances. Its recommendations cover
siting, analysis of risks, prevention, safe operation, emergency planning, and the duties and
responsibilities of all those involved in the control of major hazards in industry.
ISBN 92-2-107101-4 20 Swiss francs
Major hazard control: A practical manual
With the increasing production, storage and use of dangerous substances, there is a need for a well-
designed and systematic approach to the prevention and control of major hazards if disasters are to be
avoided. This comprehensive, practical manual deals with the safety aspects of siting, planning, design,
construction and operation of plants, explains how to identify major hazard installations and describes all
the components of a major hazard control system. Extensive information is provided on planning for
emergencies both on site and in the community.
,, Essential to all involved in risk management, research, fire and safety, including inspecting officers and
insurance surveyors ... a good, up-to-date reference book.” (Safety Management, London)
ISBN 92-2-106432-8 45 Swiss francs
The organisation of first aid in the workplace
Occupational Safety and Health Series No. 63
First aid is part of total health care for workers. If it is immediately available following an accident, the
human, social and economic consequences may be reduced. This book shows in detail how first aid may
be organised in the workplace, especially in small enterprises. It also provides information on the duties
and training of first-aid personnel, the necessary equipment, supplies and facilities, and the arrangements
required beyond first aid for accidents demanding specialised medical care.
ISBN 92-2-106440-9 15 Swiss francs
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