Case of European Court of Human Rights, July 30, 1998 (case Oliveira v. Switzerland)

Resolution Date:July 30, 1998

No violation of P7-4


Information Note on the Court’s case-law No.

July 1998

Oliveira v. Switzerland - 25711/94

Judgment 30.7.1998

Article 4 of Protocol No. 7

Right not to be tried or punished twice

Successive convictions of applicant for failing to control her vehicle and for negligently causing physical injury in respect of a road-traffic accident: no violation

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Typical example of single act constituting various offences (concours idéal d’infractions); characterised by fact that single criminal act was split up into two separate offences, in case before Court: failure to control vehicle and negligent causing of physical injury. Article 4 of Protocol No. 7 not infringed since it prohibited people being tried twice for same offence, whereas in cases concerning single act constituting various offences one...

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