1. The objective of this code is to protect workers from occupational safety
and health hazards in forestry work and to prevent or reduce the incidence of
illness or injury by providing practical guidelines on:
(a) the key components of safety policies and procedures at national, enterprise
and worker levels as an effective means of communicating minimum
requirements to all persons concerned, and as an aid to the planning and
organization of work;
(b) the establishment of a framework for consultation and cooperation on safet y,
health and welfare involving those who create the risks, those who are
subsequently exposed to these risks and those bodies which are responsible for
inspection and enforcement of regulations and standards;
(c) basic requirements governing the execution of forest operations so that risk of
injury or ill health is minimized;
(d) a system for recording, reporting and monitoring occupational accidents and
diseases and dangerous occurrences which may be used to measure compliance
with requirements and/or the effectiveness of steps already taken to enhance
the status of safety and health;
(e) a framework for the allocation of responsibility among the various
organizations and individuals which collectively contribute to a positive
attitude to safety and health, and which ensure that safety and health have
equal ranking with other operational goals and considerations.

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