Notes on Contributors

Fatemah Albader is a senior lecturer in the Department of International
Law at Kuwait International Law School. She received her Juris Doctor,
with honors, from Emory University. As a female Muslim interested
in reconciling Islamic law with human rights principles, she seeks to
tackle issues of unpopular opinion and that have not gained much
traction in western legal scholarship. Her research seeks to create an
accurate understanding of the Quran among both Muslims and non-
Madeleine Bailey is a third year law student at the SMU Dedman School
of Law. Her research focuses on international law and human tracking
issues. She has published work on the UNODC’s International Report
on Tracking in Persons, and is currently researching with Dr. Vanessa
Bouche of Texas Christian University to develop an open-source,
searchable web application of federally prosecuted human tracking
cases across the United States that is intended to serve as a valid and
reliable data source on human tracking in the country. When she
graduates from SMU, she will begin work for Husch Blackwell LLP in
Dallas in the Banking and Finance Department.
Nathan Golden has worked as a translator, legal assistant and then law
clerk at an immigration law rm aer college and during law school.
Aer graduation, Nathan plans to serve some of these same types of
clients on a pro bono basis. Nathan loves to grapple with complex legal
issues that touch on various areas of the law and policy, but do so in a
way that aects real people and is relevant to important conversations
ordinary Americans are having at present.
Ratno Lukito is a professor of comparative law at the Faculty of
Shariah and Law, State Islamic University Sunan Kalijaga, Yogyakarta,
Indonesia. His masters from the Department of Islamic Studies, McGill
University Montreal, and doctoral from the Institute of Comparative
Law, Faculty of Law, McGill University Montreal, Canada. Fellow of
the American Institute for Indonesian Studies (AIFIS). Many of his
writings include L P  I: B 
U (2013), H S  H S:

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