Notes on Contributors

Afnan Akram is a third-year law student at SMU Dedman School of
Law in Dallas, Texas. She is dedicated to advocating for civil rights and
anti-discrimination and will be graduating with her J.D. in May 2019.
She completed her Bachelor of General Studies with concentrations
in English, Health Studies, and Criminal Justice from Texas Woman’s
University in 2016. While in law school, Ms. Akram has worked with
multiple non-prot organizations. She spent a year as a law clerk for
the Council on American-Islamic Relations, where she worked on
current issues regarding racial and religious discrimination. She also
spent a summer working as a Summer Law Institute Coordinator at
Columbia Law School for Legal Outreach, where she mentored rising
high school students from marginalized communities, taught them the
basics of criminal law, and coached them for a mock trial at the end of
the program.
Andrew Balthazor is a J.D. candidate at Florida International University
College of Law and is expecting to graduate in May 2019. Andrew
has a computer science Bachelor of Science from West Point and is
a former U.S. Army infantryman, military intelligence ocer, and
Iraq war veteran. Aer leaving the military, Andrew lived and worked
in Trinidad and Tobago and Key West before beginning law school.
Andrew became interested in immigration issues when attorneys
insisted that his Trinidadian wife had to live two years in Trinidad
before becoming a U.S. permanent resident. Andrew proved them
wrong and this experience inspired him to pursue a legal career. He has
since interned with two federal judges: Judge Martinez of the Southern
District of Florida and Judge Jordan of the U.S. Court of Appeals
11th Circuit. As a summer litigation associate at Holland & Knight’s
Miami oce Andrew was part of a novel team that investigated the
international the of virtual currencies.
Fazal K. Lalamwal is a graduate of the University of Washington School
of Law, Seattle (2017) and Afghanistan’s Nangarhar University School
of Law and Political Science (2008). Since 2011, he teaches courses,
inter alia, Fundamental Law, General Constitutional Law, Comparative
Constitutional Law, and Principles and Methods of Law, at Kandahar

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