Notes on Contributors

Shadi A. Alshdaifat is Assistant Professor of Public International Law,
College of Law, University of Sharjah, Sharjah, UAE. Mr. Alshdaifat
receives his SJD from Golden Gate University School of Law (2012).
Sebastián Boada Morales holds law degree from Universidad de
Los Andes (Colombia), LL.M. (merit) in Banking Law and Financial
Regulation from the London School of Economics and Political Science.
He has been guest lecturer at Universidad de Los Andes and Ponticia
Universidad Javeriana in Colombia. He was an elected member of the
Board of Governors of Universidad de los Andes, and he has been
awarded the José Ignacio de Marquez prize for best scholarly article in
Economic Law. He wrote a book on nancial derivatives in Colombia,
and he has written book chapters and articles on investment law and
nancial regulation. Currently he works as advisor to the Colombian
Superintendent of Companies.
Shams Al Din Al Hajjaji is a judge at North Cairo Primary Court,
Egypt. He started his career as a lawyer. en, he joined the public
prosecution bureau at the Egyptian Ministry of Justice. Shams holds
a Doctorate degree (JSD) from University of California, Berkeley Law
School (UC- Berkeley). He earned three masters degree (LLM) from
UC- Berkeley, American University in Cairo, and Cairo University
(where he also earned his LLB).
J. Brent Marshall is a frequent lecturer on aviation law, specically the
use of drones; he also consult with companies and individuals who
intend to use drones and need to navigate the law. Prior to that, he has
spent three years working as a law clerk in the areas of criminal defense
and criminal defense appeals. Mr. Marshall has a degree in International
Relations and have just completed a Juris Doctorate degree. His two
previous academic legal publications: From Land or From Air: Why
A Unied Energy Resource Scheme is Necessary When the Answer is
Both, 8 E J  E. J. J. (forthcoming 2018).
Geoengineering: A Promising Weapon or an Unregulated Disaster in the
Fight Against Climate Change?, 30 J. L U  E. L. 138, (2018).

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